Nut Free Candy

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Nut Free Foil BunniesNut Free Foil Wrapped Bunnies and Chicks

2.8 oz $7.50
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

Nut Free Easter Eggs

4.8 oz $13.30
 Milk Chocolate
 Dark Chocolate

Nut Free Crispy ChickNut Free Milk Chocolate Crispy Chick
 2.8 oz $8.50

Nut Free Easter ChocolateNut Free Solid Chocolate Sitting Bunny

5.4 oz $15.40

Nut Free Easter ChocolatesNut Free Milk Chocolate Baby Bunny

1.5 oz $4.00

Chocolate Nut Free Easter CandyNut Free Bunny Pops

2 oz $4.65
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

Nut Free SkippersNut Free Skippers

Just like “M&M’s”

2 oz. Milk Chocolate $3.15
2 oz. Dark Chocolate $3.15
16 oz. Milk Chocolate $9.05
16 oz. Dark Chocolate $9.05

Nut Free Chocolate BarsNut Free Chocolate Bars

$2.00 each – 1.5 Oz.
Milk Chocolate with Crisp Rice
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

 Nut Free Chocolate Halloween Candies

Nut Free Milk Chocolate Halloween Pops

$2.25 each.
Scary Cat

Nut Free Halloween Chocolates

Nut Free Milk Chocolate Halloween Shapes

Scarecrow 1.6 Oz. $3.75
Witch .08 Oz. $3.75

Nut Free Halloween ChocolatesNut Free  Milk Chocolate Foil Shapes

Includes witches, bats and ghosts.
7 Oz. $14.95

Nut Free Turkey Chocolates

Nut Free Turkey Pop

$2.40 Each.


Nut Free Christmas ChocolatesNut Free Holiday Pops

$2.25 Each
Reindeer (OUT OF STOCK

Nut Free Christmas ChocolatesNut Free Milk Chocolate Foil Bells

5.4 Oz. $14.75

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