Chocolate Foil Hearts

Brighten up anyone’s Valentine’s Day with some foil hearts.  Hot pink are filled with milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter, red is filled with milk chocolate and pink is filled with dark chocolate.  With all these choices you’re sure to find one you like, or get them all!Peanut Butter Foil HeartsMilk Foil HeartsDark Chocolate Foil Hearts

Valentine’s Day

convheartsIt wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day with out conversation hearts!

History of Sweethearts®

Sweethearts® share a storied history with our legendary NECCO® Wafers, which isn’t surprising since their inventors share a bloodline. Daniel Chase created the first conversation hearts in 1866 by devising a machine that would press food dye letters onto the candy lozenges made famous by his brother and NECCO® founder Oliver Chase.

Through the years, Sweethearts® sayings have reflected how our country and culture has changed. We’ve added Sweethearts® En Español, rolled out new Dazzled varieties, even added and dropped sayings based on how people communicate. From mid-February to January we produce about 100,000 pounds of the iconic candy hearts each day, which adds up to billions of candy hearts—more than enough for everyone in the world to have one. That makes Sweethearts® the best selling Valentine’s Day candy. Yup, even better than boxes of chocolates.


Fabulous Gifts for under $15-$20 are here at Sanborn’s

How about a pound of Homemade Fudge ($13 Lb), or a delicious 1 pound bag of fresh, jumbo cashews ($19.00) are always a welcome luxury? A Pound of gourmet Non Pareils ($16 Lb) are always a favorite gift.

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Sanborn's Fine Candies Christmas Gift Items

Holiday Hours

Sanborn’s Fine Candies, Hampton, NH, will be extending our hours beginning Wednesday, Dec. 17th. Daily hours will be 10AM – 8PM; Sunday hours will be 10AM – 6PM. We will be open Christmas Eve from 9Am – 5PM.

Happy Holidays!

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Sanborn's Fine Candies Best Candy SHop NH 2015

The bright colors and wonderful aroma a fresh candies makes a visit to Sanborn’s Fine Candies a delight any time of the year. has crowned Sanborn’s Fine Candies as NH’s Best Candy Shop, Dec., 2015. You can read more about Sanborn’s Fine Candies at Visit us at 293 Lafayette Road (Rte 1), Hampton, NH and see for yourself why Sanborn’s Fine Canides is NH’s Best Candy Shop!